Benefits of Editing SOP :

  • 1. Language should be correct :
    For most of the students applying, English is their second language. Its impoprtant to get your SOP checked by an expert to make it perfect. As incorrect english will harm you big time and will create a negative impression onto the reader.
  • 2. Putting the missing ingredients :
    There are many things that form a part of an SOP - some may be very individual-specific some may be basic. An editor will ensure that all basic ingredients like your passion for the subject, qualifications and experience are clearly reflected in the SOP. Faculty will also see that your strong personal traits or achievements are mentioned at the right place in the SOP.
  • 3.Putting things in order :
    Content should be in order. While writing an SOP, you may just write down your thoughts, but you have put things in the right order. The reader must not get confused and scroll up and down to recollect the facts.