Letters of recommendation(LOR)

If you need to admitted to a school of higher studies, you possibly need one or more LOR. Admission councils requires to know as much about a candidate so as to ascertain his or her potential to accomplish sufficiently.This provides them important information about the candidate's past practical knowledge, exposure,skills and abilities.The information required in a letter of recommendation depends on the type of letter

An effective letter of recommendation:

  • Uplifts confidence
  • Builds faith
  • Confirms prowess
  • Verifies practical knowledge Good letters of recommendation are written in a pleasing manner and they generally contain examples in order to support the main points made in them. Those reading the LOR do not personally know the candidate so it is very important to illuminate the faith and belief of the author in the letter of recommendation. This may be in the form of a self-introduction within the body of the letter, or with a job title and/or professional designation in the signature part of the letter.
  • Start the introductory paragraph with a self-introduction complete with explanation of how you know this person including the length of time of your association.
  • In the next paragraphs,highlight the strong attributes and good character traits of this person.
  • In conclusion, repeat that this person is capable of performing adequately and is the right choice for the task.